Both Vienna Science and Technology Fund and WWTF GmbH particpated in a number of projects in the context of innovation policies, often funded within the EU FPs. 

The relations between funding streams for research and strategic targets as a challenge for university management

An empirical case study comparing Austria and Sweden


This project, funded by the Jubiäumsfond of the Österreichischen Nationalbank, investigates, how universities strategically manage research money streams in articulation with their mission and targets. It includes eight case studies - four in Austria, four in Sweden. 

Principal Investigator is Maximilian Fochler (University of Vienna) in collaboration with Jürgen Janger (WIFO), Michael Stampfer (WWTF), Michael Strassnig (WWTF) and Lisa Ferent (University of Vienna). 

For more information see the project's homepage.



Gender Equality in Engineering through Communication and Commitment

This European research project (funded by Horizon 2020) aims to establish tailor-made gender equality plans in four European Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) and implement gender dimension in research programmes in two European Research Funding Organisations (RFOs).



Logo smart.monitor

This project aimed to research essential cornerstones for the conceptualization of a monitoring system and its central indictors for smart cities. The outcomes shall support the creation of a smart city monitoring in Vienna in the future.



EURECIA set out to develop a novel methodology for the study of the impact of research funding schemes on knowledge and its social conditions, and to apply this to investigate the impact (effects) of the ERC and its funding schemes on science.



The WWTF was one of altogether twelve partners to the Eureopean Union’s INNO-DEAL project. Financed within the scope of the 6th EU Framework Programme, the project has a run time from September 2006 to August 2009.



The WWTF was a partner to the European Union’s project EURO-COOP – Regional Innovation Policy Impact Assessment and Benchmarking Process: Cooperation for Sustainable Regional Innovation, which involved altogether nine European Regions. The project financed within the 6th Framework Programme was conducted from June 2005 to January 2008.


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