OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy

WWTF GmbH has been active for the OECD as consultant in their Innovation Country Review programme. Such reviews cover the whole range of a Nations’ research and innovation policy instruments, actors, institutions and system interactions. They offer insight and ideas for change to the policy makers on the basis of international comparison and close system analysis. WWTF GmbH in the last years has been acting as lead consultants for the Swiss, the Swedish, and the Norwegian innovation reviews.


Evaluation of the Sofja Kovalevskaja-Award of the German Humboldt Foundation

Lead by Katharina Warta (technopolis Wien) WWTF GmbH (Michael Stampfer, Michael Strassnig) was part of the evaluation team of the evaluation of the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award of the German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The award seeks to bring excellent postdoc researchers to Germany to establish a research group. The evaluation analysed the programme comprehensively with quantitative and qualitative methods – in particular in regard with its impacts. The final report of the evaluation (in German) can be downloaded here.

Evalution of the Marshallplan Scholarship Program

In this project (May 2016-March 2017), the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation commissioned WWTF GmbH to evaluate its Marshallplan Scholarship Programme (MPS-Programme). The MPS-Programme is a scientific exchange programme for graduates and undergraduates from Austrian Higher Education Institutions with US universities for 3-12 months research stays, and for incoming students from US universities respectively.

The following questions were addressed in the evaluation:


  • What are the benefits of the fellowships for the fellows?
  • Is the programme framework and conditions appropriate?
  • How is the programme administration seen by fellows and HEIs. 
  • How is the programme positioned in the context of similar programmes and what is its meaning for the Austrian Higher Education system? 
  • How can the programme developed further? 

THe project team consisted of Michael Strassnig and Michael Stampfer as well as Katharina Warta (technopolis) and Thomas König (IHS)

Evaluations of person-oriented funding for Vienna research institutions

WWTF GmbH is regularly commissioned by Vienna universities to perform evaluations for their own person-funding programmes and calls. WWTF GmbH is able to access the Funds resources in terms of the experiences with evaluation of person-oriented funding and thus can offer customized solutions for these evaluations. Recent evaluations have been made for the Vienna University of Technology (Tenure Track positions) and for the Vienna University of Business and Economics (e.g. their “Research Contracts”).

Evaluations of awards

Repeatedly, WWTF GmbH organized the selection process for the Best Paper Award of the Vienna University of Business and Economics, i.e. compose the international award jury for the award categories and organize the review process based on the evaluation process created for the award.

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