WU Best Paper Award

Since 2000 the Best paper award of the Vienna University of Economics and Business is financed by the jubilee fund of the City of Vienna in three categories:

Category 1: quantitative-analysis or formal sciences (open to all disciplines)
Category 2: Papers on business economics, macroeconomics, business education
Category 3: Papers on foreign language business communications, law, arts, sociology, economic geography; interdisciplinary works

The Vienna University of Economics and Business entrusts the WWTF from its own resources with the objective procedure of the decision process. Due to WWTF’s broad expertise in academic evaluation and award processes, it arranges an international expert group per category of members with broad knowledge in the required fields. Each member reads all submissions of its category comparatively. The final decision per category is reached during an online-meeting of the expert group moderated/organised by the WWTF.